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Been toying with the idea of making this project for such a long time: A Choose Your Own Adventure  game, where your choices do matter, they shape you and your surroundings, and the player is free to explore all available path, without any restrictions (that is, there's a hard limit on length of play, as all routes will eventually take--roughly--the same amount of time).

Twelf Kingdoms is heavily influenced by classic gamebooks, D&D and alike games, and thrives to deliver a closer experience that of a book's. The goal is to create a world (it's set in a world, where no magic exists--or we thought--and it is up to us to get to the bottom of it), in which you can hop into, and forget about everything else . . .

The game is in super-early stages, but it is being worked on a daily basis, to build a proof of concept--as long as I can.

And I wish to prove to the world, that these types of games are--indeed--possible to make!

And as always, any form of support is greatly appreciated!

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Note: The game is optimized for Firefox, and best played in full screen!

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